NorthStar began in 1990 as a public equity and fixed income manager. As our analysis of solutions broadened, shareholder activism, community investing, community engagement, and charitable giving became essential ingredients of our active portfolio management process. Our approach has been guided by our deeply-held belief that the financial system is broken, that people are suffering, and that we need to help our clients use their resources to effect change.


NorthStar’s mission is to provide the most integrative approach to portfolio management available today. Wealth management begins with an analysis of the social, ecological, and political problems of our time and with deep conversations with our clients. These steps result in the construction of portfolios that integrate financial goals while upholding a commitment to social change.

Synthesizing our broad market outlook and the individual needs of the client, we combine direct investments in global equities, investment grade bonds, community loan funds, alternative “outside” investments and cash to create a vibrant and well-balanced portfolio.


We carefully choose public equities from each of the major industry groups. Identifying particular strengths relative to their impact on the global community, we simultaneously acknowledge the issues, problems, and challenges unique to each company. Our goal is to find the best, financially sound and socially conscious businesses with full awareness of the limitations of any public company. We then intervene at a corporate level to improve their behavior with regard to such issues as human rights, the environment, employee relations, and corporate citizenship.

Some of our clients are eager to make significant investments miles away from Wall Street. Local investing, social capital investing, mission investing and direct support of projects that reflect social and environmental vision are offered through NorthStar’s Outside Investments division.

Our equity performance is measured against traditional benchmarks and is available upon request. Our overall performance is also measured against traditional financial benchmarks for balanced accounts, even though some of our investments are outside the scope of these benchmarks. We are happy to discuss our performance and metrics with any potential clients.

NorthStar is profoundly client-centered. We form important relationships with clients around every facet of their financial lives. We introduce younger clients with inherited wealth to the opportunities and challenges of responsible investing and help them navigate family relationships and money. We help clients in the LGBT community navigate legal obstacles related to property and inheritance.



NorthStar is proud to be on the cutting edge of socially responsible investing (SRI). Our understanding of what SRI means and how it’s practiced has evolved dramatically over time.

Eboné is the newest member of the Client Services team. She was hired in 2016 to work closely with Clare and Lizzie to fulfill client needs.

Eboné Monk

Client Services Intern
Nikki is responsible for all data reconciliation, ensures that all transactions executed by the financial custodian are completed accurately and she monitors the accuracy of trades.

Nikki Rivera

Systems and Data Analyst
Abi manages the day-to-day office operation, making sure NorthStar staff has the tools and materials they need to work at their best.

Abigail Shaw

Operations and IT Manager

Jessica Thevenoz

Shareholder Activism Intern


NorthStar’s decades-long commitment to socially responsible investing and our thoughtful strategy of shareholder activism puts the firm out in front of many of today’s hot-button investment issues.

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