ABOUT US NorthStar is proud to be on the cutting edge of socially responsible investing with a mission to provide the most integrative approach to portfolio management available today.


Founded in 1990, we have three decades of experience in wealth management with a socially responsible focus. At the outset, we designed a sophisticated screening method to keep responsible companies in our clients' portfolios and keep the bad ones out (no military contracts, nuclear involvement, or environmental degradation). But when market conditions argued for NorthStar to invest more broadly in large and mega-cap companies, we needed to reevaluate the ways investors could have true impact on social change when buying the best of the pack.

In 1993, NorthStar began to focus more attention on the shareholder proxy process in an effort to hold large companies accountable for their behavior. Initially we encouraged our clients to vote their proxies by publishing the NorthStar Proxy Voting Guide. This was the first booklet of its kind that helped clients cross-reference their stock holdings with pending social resolutions and vote according to their values. But then we began to vote proxies on behalf of our clients, leading to our work as shareholder activists.


Our understanding of what socially responsible investing means and how it’s practiced have evolved dramatically over time. Our multi-faceted approach to creating real change digs deeply into the financial ecosystem to find ways we can act on behalf of our clients and ourselves to promote social change.


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