NorthStar releases 2023-2024 Social Change and Activism Annual Report

NorthStar is pleased to share that we have published our 2023-2024 Social Change & Activism Report! We approach activism and advocacy from the perspective of our five pillars: Racial Justice and Gender Equity, Environmental Justice, Economic Equality, Human Rights, and Corporate Governance....
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We’re Thrilled to Announce: NorthStar Asset Management Makes CNBC’s FA 100 List

We're excited and honored to share some fantastic news! NorthStar Asset Management has been recognized as one of CNBC's FA 100 for 2023! Being listed among the top financial advisory firms in the nation is a testament to the incredible dedication of our team, our relentless pursuit of excellence...
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NorthStar Releases New White Paper on Fair Chance Employment

NorthStar is pleased to announce the publication of our newest piece of thought leadership, The Investor Case for Fair Chance Employment. This report builds upon our 2018 paper on prison labor, and aims to detail our research on fair chance employment along with our related strategy on company engag...
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NorthStar Completes Successful Shareholder Engagement to Develop Fair Chance Employment Program

In honor of Second Chance Month, NorthStar Asset Management, Inc. (“NorthStar”)[1] of Boston as shareholders of  Xylem Inc. (“Xylem”) common stock announces a successful engagement with Xylem company management codifying a new commitment to establish a fair chance employment program in 2023...
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NorthStar releases 2021-2022 Social Change and Activism Annual Report

NorthStar is pleased to share that we have published our 2021-2022 Social Change and Activism Annual Report.   In 2021, NorthStar engaged 100 companies on issues related to the environment, company governance, human rights and labor issues, systemic racism, and economic equality. Most of our pr...
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Despite Legal Challenge, Shareholders Will Vote on Company’s Board Diversity Efforts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Despite Legal Challenge, Shareholders Will Vote on Company’s Board Diversity Efforts Boston, MA (March 22, 2022) – Late last month, NorthStar Asset Management, Inc. (“NorthStar”) of Boston prevailed against a legal challenge by Milwaukee-based company Badger Meter. Badg...
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NorthStar in the news: PRI podcast spotlights NorthStar’s activism on prison labor

Mari Schwartzer, NorthStar’s Director of Shareholder Activism and Engagement, was featured on a podcast this week related to our activism work on prison labor. Mari was joined by Sancia Dalley of RFK Human Rights to discuss the effects of the U.S.’s mass incarceration system and how investors ca...
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Microsoft Shareholders are Encouraged to Hold the Company Accountable on Its Public Commitment

Boston, MA (November 29, 2021) – NorthStar Asset Management, Inc. (“NorthStar”), an asset management firm based in Boston, seeks to hold Microsoft Corporation accountable for a public commitment the company made on hiring practices related to people with criminal records. Created in 2015, the ...
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Facebook Shareholders Seek Better Oversight

Boston, MA (October 27, 2021) – Highlighting the ongoing controversies at the social media giant Facebook, shareholders NorthStar Asset Management, Inc. (“NorthStar”) of Boston and co-filed by the New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli, Trustee of the New York State Common Retirement Fu...
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Delivering Inequality at the Top: FedEx Shareholders Support a Review of Systemic Racism in Company Culture

At the recent FedEx Corp. shareholder meeting, nearly 19% of shareholders voted in favor of NorthStar's proposal related to an evaluation of systemic racism in FedEx’s corporate culture. “FedEx likes to say that ‘diversity starts at the top’ but we don’t see it that way...
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Our CEO’s Q1 2024 Letter to Clients

Last quarter we reflected on the polarization we are experiencing around the globe and the current tendency to reject multiple and conflicting realities in favor of binary “this or that” solutions. Our view is that dependence on binary, good versus evil thinking and behavior is intrinsically fla...
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Our CEO’s Q4 2023 Letter to Clients

Trying to make sense of the world feels like a fool’s errand, an impossible task, an uphill battle. It’s all so confusing, so complicated, and so complex. Is it human nature to seek answers and solutions? Probably. But what if there is no single, simple, yes or no answer?...
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Our CEO’s Q3 2023 Letter to Clients

We cannot begin a discussion of this quarter without acknowledging the tragedies taking place in Israel and Palestine, and increasingly across the world amid rising antisemitic and anti-Palestinian rhetoric and violence. Despite our years of work in human rights, seeing the way this crisis has unfol...
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Our CEO’s Q2 2023 Letter to Clients

For many years, we have known that corporations capture data to categorize people based on various similarities, preferences, and patterns and then use targeted advertising to generate revenue. This has often been accomplished by providing us with “free information” through internet searches, of...
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Our CEO’s Q1 2023 Letter to Clients

There was a moment in our recent history that felt like real progress was happening—for women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, and many others. Perhaps the backlash we’re currently experiencing shouldn’t be surprising. Nevertheless, it can feel highly disappointing and frightening....
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2022 is Over! Our CEO’s Q4 2022 Letter to Clients

2022 is Over! Not long ago, a man who lost his election for office in New Mexico hired four gunmen to threaten and intimidate the Democrats who had won various statewide elections. As we prepared this letter, there were mass killings in California and elsewhere, revelations of murder by police in Me...
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Our CEO’s Q2 2022 Letter to Clients

There is a large, framed photograph in our office that NorthStar acquired shortly after we won equal marriage rights in Massachusetts. The photograph is of a sign that was held high during the June gay pride parade in 2004 that says, “Brown, Roe, Goodridge.” As I sat in the office with a beloved...
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Our CEO’s Q1 2022 Letter to Clients

Many years ago, during a rainstorm, I ran outside to pick some tomatoes from my garden and, while doing so, was suctioned into the wet, mucky soil. Worried about my meal prep (and my boots!), I pulled my feet out of my boots, jumped aside onto solid ground, and then leaned over and carefully pulled ...
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The New Normal — Our CEO’s Q4 2021 Letter to Clients

We certainly have started 2022 with a bang. Market volatility in both equities and fixed income appears to be the path we are on, while staff shortages are more numerous and more impactful than they have been since the beginning of the pandemic....
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Looking Ahead — Our CEO’s 3Q 2021 Letter to Clients

Looking Ahead Eighteen months into this pandemic and we have all had enough. Stock market volatility at the end of September was the icing on the cake for those of us on the Investment Committee. Soaring oil prices, the unresolved debt ceiling, fear of inflation, the reconciliation bill, the Build B...
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