Our Process

What social, environmental and political issues need to be addressed? What are the problems to be solved? How can your NorthStar portfolio have a meaningful impact? Through a collaborative educational process we work to balance our clients’ financial objectives by employing a socially conscious, growth at a reasonable price, discipline using public equities, investment grade bonds and an array community investments.

How We Do It

We carefully choose public equities from each of the major industry groups. Identifying particular strengths relative to their impact on the global community, we simultaneously acknowledge the issues, problems, and challenges unique to each company. Our goal is to find the best, financially sound and socially conscious businesses with full awareness of the limitations of any public company. We then intervene at a corporate level to improve their behavior with regard to such issues as human rights, the environment, employee relations, and corporate citizenship.

Our fixed income investments fall into three categories: investment grade bonds, community loan funds, and micro or alternative lending. Ideally, we invest in a broad range of fixed-income options guided by the clients’ financial and risk constraints. We look to provide funding for a variety of projects, weighing interest rate risk, maturity, safety, and social impact.

Our goal is to engage along the whole spectrum of financial activity, from equities, to loans and loan guarantees, to supporting local businesses, to finding private alternatives, and finally through philanthropy.

Outside Investing

Some of our clients are eager to make significant investments miles away from Wall Street. Local investing, social capital investing, mission investing and direct support of projects that reflect social and environmental vision are offered through NorthStar’s Outside Investments division. Investments in private companies and socially significant projects focused on such priorities as renewable energy, clean water, healthy foods, and sustainable farming, ranching and forestry are evaluated on a case by case basis and integrated into a client’s full investment portfolio where appropriate. These services are offered to clients who are able to shift portions of their portfolios to higher levels of illiquidity with a focus on regenerative investments.

Client Service

NorthStar is profoundly client-centered. We form important relationships with clients around every facet of their financial lives. We introduce younger clients with inherited wealth to the opportunities and challenges of responsible investing and help them navigate family relationships and money. We help clients in the LGBT community navigate legal obstacles related to property and inheritance. We provide financial education to clients who left financial matters to their spouses. We help our progressive clients negotiate their financial lives in a world filled with income inequality and complicated solutions. We listen to every client’s aspirations and create a customized portfolio that reflects their vision for change.


Our equity performance is measured against traditional benchmarks and is available upon request. Our overall performance is also measured against traditional financial benchmarks for balanced accounts, even though some of our investments are outside the scope of these benchmarks. We are happy to discuss our performance and metrics with any potential clients.

Becoming a Client

NorthStar welcomes individual investors, families, and institutions. We are highly client-oriented, and work with those who share our values and appreciate our approach. To learn more about our firm’s unique approach to progressive wealth management please contact us at (617) 522-2635, email us at info@northstarasset.com or use the contact form below if you would like to set up a consultation.

A minimum investment of $2.5 million is required for clients, and our maximum fee is 1% of managed assets.


NorthStar’s decades-long commitment to socially responsible investing and our thoughtful strategy of shareholder activism puts the firm out in front of many of today’s hot-button investment issues.

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