Shareholder Rights Group formed to to defend share owners’ ability to engage

NorthStar Asset Management, Inc. is proud to announce its membership in the Shareholder Rights Group, a coalition formed in 2016 to defend share owners’ rights to engage with public companies on governance and long-term value creation.

As an active socially responsible investment firm, NorthStar considers it a fiduciary duty to engage with corporations in our client portfolios to protect client assets and encourage positive social change. As you can read about on our Creating Change page, NorthStar has a long, rich history of productive dialogues that were initiated by shareholder proposals filed under the SEC’s Rule 14a-8, as well as through non-proxy engagements. We encourage you to click the image at left or hyperlink above to learn more about the Shareholder Rights Group initiative and follow along as the group pursues and defends the rights of share owners.

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