NorthStar is a Certified B Corp

In February 2016, NorthStar underwent the rigorous B Lab certification and review process to be certified as a B Corporation. Companies who are B Corps commit to a maintaining certain levels of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. As a socially responsible investment firm focused on seeking true social change, we invite you to review our B Impact Report below, which we will update upon each re-certification. Our full report and previous years’ reports can be found on the B Corp website here.



NorthStar’s clients have a strong giving tradition, making annual charitable gifts that support hundreds of organizations committed to progressive causes. Take a look at a small sample of the non-profits our clients support.


NorthStar’s decades-long commitment to socially responsible investing and our thoughtful strategy of shareholder activism puts the firm out in front of many of today’s hot-button investment issues.

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